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Academic Building, Memorial University Grenfell Campus Academic Building, Memorial University Grenfell Campus

Corner Brook, NL
The new Academic Building is one of the latest additions to the expansion of the Memorial University Grenfell Campus, boasting numerous labs for Earth Sciences, Physics, and Soil Studies. It boasts the largest astronomical telescope in Atlantic Canada, complete with a structural glass feature wall, largest in the Atlantic Provinces. This project will be Silver LEED certified
Memorial University Grenfell Campus Atrium CP-5 Memorial University Grenfell Campus Atrium CP-5

Corner Brook, NL
The atrium is an extension of the New Academic Building that was added to Grenfell's landscape in 2011, much of which was completed by Brook Construction. This year's addition boasts similar structural glass feature wall, curved stair case and an elevator. The space provides students with a furnished leisure space with data and electrical outlets for laptops and other electronic devices. This portion of the project is also included in the LEED program for the Academic Building. This concludes the work on the Academic Building having the largest telescope in the Atlantic Provinces and the first structural glass wall in Newfoundland. The glazing system presented many challenges since it had to be suspended from the upper structure and could not be load bearing on the foundation.
Rattling Brook - Salmon Reintroduction Project Rattling Brook - Salmon Reintroduction Project

Rattling Brook, NL
Fisheries and Oceans decided to modify and improve areas in the Norris Arm area in an attempt to reintroduce salmon to Rattling Brook. This project includes building a bypass at Amy's Dam, channel improvements at Rattling Brook and another bypass through Goulding's Spillway with little to no impact to fish and their habitat. Pictured here are two 900mm pipes for the Salmon to pass from the dam to Rattling Brook. The challenge was to beat the high water levels in the fall which would completely submerge all the structures under water and give the salmon a chance to migrate back to Rattling Brook and out to the ocean.
Searston Gut Bridge Searston Gut Bridge

Searston Gut, NL
Brook was awarded the reconstruction of the Searston Gut Bridge in the Codroy Valley of Western Newfoundland. It is a single lane steel truss bridge launched from one side of the river bank to the other. The new "Mabey Delta" Bridge replaced the Old Bailey Bridge and spans 500 feet, the largest in North America. Although both styles look very similar the main difference is the new bridge has only one pier due to its heavier structure verses the old bridge which required 3 piers to support the span. This was built to meet a promise that the local community would have their access across the lower end of the Codroy River in Autumn 2012. Brook used a cautious approach to building the centre pier by taking a lengthy amount of time to building a cofferdam. This helped mitigate the difficulty of working in 30 feet of water and strong currents so that the piles could be placed accurately and according to the project requirements. Although the center pier took a lot of time and caused a lot of headaches, the project was able to be complete on time because of the hard work and long hours by the crew and superintendent.
Gulfspan Transfer Bridge, Marine Atlantic Gulfspan Transfer Bridge, Marine Atlantic

Port aux Basques, NL
Marine Atlantic comleteed major upgrades to their facilities to meet the ever increasing demands being put on them to maintain a link between Newfoundland and the rest of Canada. With the increase in traffic volumes and the robust economy, they remain under constant pressure to provide a service that must satisfy the travelling public and the commercial trucking industry. There is a constitutional mandate for a connection from the mainland of Canada to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador In order to satisfy this, it is necessary to have two transfer bridges that are operational such that if one fails, then there is a back up in order to ensure the flow of vehicles. The existing main transfer bridge had essentially come to an end of its useful life and needed replacement. In doing so, it would mean that the bridge would have to be taken out and a new one installed in its place along with major modifications to the concrete structures and fendering system. This work needed to be done during the winter months under the harsh conditions often encountered in the Port aux Basques area. The transfer bridge presented its challenges with some of the structural work taking place under nine metres of water and the major foundation pads being four metres underwater. These pads had to be done in the dry in order to meet the tolerance required for the bridge operation. The platforms towers and hydraulic systems had to meet strict tolerances as well in order to load and offload the ferry as the tides changed while docked. It was impressed upon us in our first meeting the necessity of meeting the schedule outlined and the importance of the role that this bridge played in ensuring that they could maintain ferry service since the alternate dock was the only backup that they had. It was also extremely important that a stringent safety program be followed given the harsh weather conditions and amount of work required in and around the water. All these challenges were met by the team assembled with an understanding of the daunting task we faced. Credit to the quality of the finished product being completed on time goes out to Brook Construction, Brook's subtrades, and the consultants working together as a team with recognition that a strong team effort and attention to detail throughout all phases of work would lead to completion of such an important link for Marine Atlantic and their customers between the Island of Newfoundland and the rest of Canada.
Design/ Build K-12 School St. Anthony, Western School District Design/ Build K-12 School St. Anthony, Western School District

St. Anthony, NL
Notwithstanding controversy, it was decided to shut down three schools in St. Anthony and area, and combine all grades into a new school attached to the new rink facility. The tender included completing the design of the school for 450 students. Many challenges were faced throughout the construction including underperformance of subcontractors, lack of skilled masons, lack of strength of concrete in a shear wall, the mechanical subcontractor becoming insolvent, suppliers going out of business, concrete floor deficiencies, and turnover of on site personnel. Each obstacle was handled with professionalism and the job was completed to the satisfaction of the client. The facility is vastly superior in functionality and aesthetics of any of the 3 existing schools. In the early morning hours of Nov. 26, students and educators excitedly piled in through the building's double doors to get their first glimpses of the interior. For Spurrell, it wasn't so much the shared words, but the looks on students' faces as they first entered the school that assured him White Hills Academy would be a place they'd come to enjoy. "They were in awe," he pointed out. "We have an absolutely fantastic building, with which the teaching staff and students are moving in quite nicely."
New Electrical Service, Central Health New Electrical Service, Central Health

Grand Falls - Windsor, NL
The New Electrical Service Building Shell and Generators was phase 1 of a plan to add much needed power for expansion of the Grand Falls - Windsor hospital. The project had little or no obstacles to overcome. The work was for a new client and new client rep. A friendly working relationship was enjoyed by all parties and any issues were handled expediently through collaboration and teamwork. The project was completed on schedule and all parties are looking forward to the opportunity to work together again.
Mink Barns, Natille Ranch Mink Barns, Natille Ranch

Cormack, NL
Given the Western Newfoundland climate and a readily available source of food makes it ideal for the mink farming industry. Once the initial barns are built and the mink start to breed, then there is an additional need for new barns to accommodate the young. This quick expansion of the young required the barns to be constructed quickly, efficiently and at a minimum cost to the owner.   Brook was asked to look at the timelines and use a method of construction that would be simple and cost effective. The solution was to do the complete construction using timber and light gauge metal roofing and siding. All these materials were readily available in the area and construction could start immediately with each barn constructed rapidly in succession. Four barns measuring 50' x 400' and an extension to two existing barns were completed and currently house approximately 50,000 mink.